CAREER SMART: How To Manage and Minimise Career Change Risks

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“The biggest risk is not taking any risk” 

-Mark Zuckerberg  

If you’re thinking about a career change, you may be hesitant to take that first step because of the risks involved. Maybe you’re worried about financial risk - how a career change might impact your lifestyle, financial security, family or dependents. Maybe you’re concerned about about leaving your current job without having the next one lined up, or knowing exactly what you want to do next. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about starting your own business but haven’t a clue how to start or fear what would happen if you failed. 

Perhaps these concerns have led you to the conclusion that it might just be ‘wiser’ to stick out your current job until a better opportunity comes around (but deep down, you also know that unless you take action, change won’t just happen).  

 Don’t beat yourself up, it’s only natural to feel weary and indecisive when it comes to risk-taking. But every opportunity comes with some risk. When it comes to your career, smart risk-taking is about assessing the costs of doing nothing, knowing how much risk you can accept, and planning forward.  

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So decide today to START where you are and STOP letting your fear of risk stand in your way. This masterclass will bring you one step closer to bringing your bold career dreams to life with simple strategies for minimising and managing the risks involved and getting in the right mindset to start taking action.  

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Here's What You'll Learn:


Career Smarts

Identify the risks involved with YOUR career change and where to focus your efforts during this transition to feel more confident and comfortable about your career choices/decisions.  


A Proven Process That Works 

An easy step by step process to follow and start actioning right away to ignite your bold career move with ease and clarity of your next steps.  


Contingency Planning  

The 5 biggest mistakes you MUST avoid when changing careers and how to plan forward to minimise risks and maximise results.

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